Ford TH!NK Neighbor Electric Golf Cart

TH!NK neighbor is a battery powered vehicle, capable of speeds up to 25 miles per hour, designed for commuting within closed communities, resorts or work environments. Street legal cart is capable of speeds up to 35 miles per hour.

The TH!NK neighbor also gives customers the flexibility to personalize their vehicle with choices from a list of options.

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Environmentally Friendly Zero Emissions Vehicle

"TH!NK neighbor is the perfect choice for customers who need mobility within a relatively small, closed geographic area, like a gated community or commercial complex," said Rob Stevens, president of TH!NK Mobility, LLC. "In addition, TH!NK neighbor provides the added bonus of being an environmentally friendly zero emissions vehicle," he added.

TH!NK neighbor is constructed of an extruded aluminum space frame with thermoplastic body panels. The panels are modular and easily molded into a variety of colors. The interior is weather resistant and designed for ergonomic simplicity, function and on-board stowage.

TH!NK neighbor is powered by six lead acid batteries (72 volts total power) driving a 5000 watt DC motor with 65 ft-lb peak torque @ 1500 RPM

Powered by 6 lead acid batteries

Range is approximately 20 miles, with recharging requiring 4-8 hours from a standard 110 volt system. Regenerative braking provides onboard charging to the batteries during stop-and-go driving.

TH!NK neighbor will come equipped with a two speed selector for private road and golf course applications. The "high" speed setting will be limited to 25 mph. The "low" speed setting will be limited to 15 mph.

With a number of safety features

TH!NK neighbor will meet the new U.S. government FMVSS500 requirements for low speed vehicles, and is designed with a number of safety features, including three-point restraints at all seating positions, AS-1 glazed safety glass windshield and 3 mph bumpers.

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Ford TH!NH Neighbor Electric Golf Cart Specifications
Retail List Price : 2 Seater $4,995
Retail List Price : 4 Seater $5,995
Overall length: 2 Passenger 91.6",
4 Passenger 101.3"
Overall width: 53.6"
Overall height: 67.7"
Wheel base: 2 Passenger 65.5",
4 Passenger 75.5"
Tread width: Front 48", Rear 48.6"
Showroom curb weight with batteries: 2 Passenger 980 lb.,
4 Passenger 1280 lb.
Gross Vehicle Weight: 2 Passenger 1540 lb.,
4 Passenger 2100 lb.
5000 watt DC motor
72 volt energy source
30 mile range
25 MPH top speed
65 ft-lb peak torque @ 1500 RPM
4-8 hour
Charging time
Aluminum space frame
Regenerative 4 wheel braking